New SCMBC Trail Signs

We are excited that the installation of trail signs have commenced on our trail systems this season.  

We hope that our members find the trail signs beneficial and useful while using the trails.  


Logging Announcement 

Riders….Please stay clear of Walsh for the next week or two since there is a significant logging operation in progress at the front of the property. The loggers cannot see you from the machines and riding in this area can be a potential risk. 

Stay Connected to SCMBC!

SCMBC keeps connected to our mountain bike community using various forms of social media including Facebook (with both an open group and a members group), Twitter and Instagram.

The web site side bar menu contains our social media platforms including a feature to sign up for email updates when information is posted to our web site regarding our club, events, trail updates etc.

We encourage you to sign up for these social media platforms and subscribe to our web site to keep better informed about SCMBC.

Support, Register, Ride!


Ride Dirt Trails…NOT Mud Trails

We are at the toughest time of year for mountain bike trails. Some riders are itching to get out and ride after being cooped up all winter. Unfortunately, it is the worst thing we can do to our trail system. As the snow melts and the frost leaves the ground, trails are left soft, muddy and unridable. 

While our trails drain and dry very quickly, it still takes time to allow them to dry. Most trail systems in our area do not open until May 1. We will likely be out before that, but will monitor the known soft areas report back when the trails are good to go.

Please respect the volunteer efforts made by the trail crew and do not ride wet trails.